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  • Inala Nature Tours have been designing and leading rewarding personalised birding and wildlife tours across Australia for 20 years.

  • Inala Nature Tours is based on Bruny Island in Tasmania and operates birding and wildlife tours across Australia and Internationally

  • Do you want to see Australian birds and animals in a small group with a specialist knowledgable guide? Inala has amazing group tours in Tasmania,...

  • Meet the team of dedicated birding, wildlife and conservation enthusiasts who work as specialist guides for Inala Nature Tours.

  • Meet the team of dedicated birding and wildlife enthusiasts who work as staff at Inala Nature Tours on Bruny Island.

  • We are always delighted to answer any further questions by phone or e-mail, and can help give you comprehensive answers to any individual requirements...

  • Directions to Bruny Island - the home of Inala accommodation cottages, Jurassic Garden, Nature Museum and the Inala Private Reserve.

  • The theme of Gondwana is a passion of Tonia's. It runs through many Inala's tours and the Inala Jurassic Garden. 1 INALA’S QUICK GUIDE TO GONDWANA In a...

  • Inala has a long and proud history in wildlife rehabilitation, caring for injured and abandoned animals on Bruny Island. We’ve cared for the Tasmanian...

  • Over the years I have been touched and humbled by the number of people that have shown such a huge interest in the Inala property and all that the Inala...

  • Stay in the Nairana Cottage or the Inala Cottage within the Inala reserve on Bruny Island. Bookings available online.

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Are you looking for more information about the Inala property, our Jurassic Garden or Nature Museum. If so, please see our Bruny Island page.

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