Covid Information

Booking Inala Nature Tours With Confidence

Inala Nature Tours are thrilled to once more be travelling with you and helping you to organise your nature and birding adventures as the world begins to re-open.  We know that you will have questions about many aspects of travel in this period of uncertainty.  Hopefully we can help answer any concerns below however please don't hesitate to contact us with further questions so you feel confident to travel with us and share in the joy of nature.

Please Note:  We take every precaution to ensure our guests’ safety. We keep up to date with the latest Covid advice and will only commence a tour if we areconfident that the risk of guests contracting Covid-19 while on tour is negligible.

We are taking additional steps to make sure everyone can stay healthy and safe when on tour with us. It is very important that you inform us in advance if you are unwell, or self-isolating because you are at risk of becoming unwell, with COVID-19. Regretfully if this does apply to you we will not be able to proceed with your tour and will have to make alternative arrangements with you.

  • All participants will need to complete a questionnaire at commencement of the tour to confirm they are well and have not been overseas or a Covid-19 hotspot within the last month.
  • We are asking that all guests show a recognised vaccination certificate as evidence they are fully vaccinated before joining a tour for the safety of all.

Inala Nature Tours takes the following measures to manage the risks of exposure to COVID-19while on tour:

  • We minimise contact with large groups of people - we spend most of the touring time out in nature.
  • Where accommodation and meals are included in the tour, we work with providers to minimise contact where practicable e.g. working with one person at accommodation venues, having meals in outdoor settings, having meals delivered.
  • Increased hygiene measures such as more frequent cleaning of vehicles and any shared items, 
  • Ensuring maximum possible physical distancing
  • Increasing ventilation when touring in vehicles by opening windows where practicable and having air conditioning set to external flow.
  • Reducing the number of shared items to a minimum. (For example, you will be issued with a distinctively marked cup to use while on tour with us but you are welcome to bring your own mug if you prefer.)
  • Our guides and staff are all fully vaccinated and we have implemented a Covid-safe workplace plan throughout our organisation.

Inala accommodation options (Inala, Nairana and Lyenna cottages) are well spaced apart and isolated. Guests can choose to have minimal contact with other people and cottages are rigorously cleaned and well ventilated between each booking.

Please be committed to following through with your tour booking.
If you have any questions or concerns please discuss these with Inala staff prior to making your booking.Cancellations affect many parties and may result in considerable disruption and expense. Please be assured that we will take every precaution to mitigate the risk of contracting Covid-19 and we also have Covid-19 Response protocols in place should a guide or guest show symptoms while on tour (see below). Please consider carefully if you are ready to commence with travel at this time.

Please help us to manage the risks to the health and safety of our staff and other participants by cooperating with the measures we have outlined above.  Do the same things for us that you are doing to keep your own family and friends healthy and well. This includes frequent handwashing, covering your nose and mouth when you need to cough or sneeze with the crook of your arm or clean tissue and observing rules for physical distancing.

Masks are required for air travel and airports, so please do travel with your own mask, guides will also have masks available on tour should circumstances require their use.

Tour guides will wear masks while in close contact with guests and all guests will be asked to wear a well-fitting mask while in the tour vehicle. Please contact us if this is problematic for you,so we can make special arrangements.

The latest Covid-19 information can be found on the Australian Department of Health website. 

For the last two years we have worked closely with every guest who has booked with us to ensure maximum understanding and flexibility around their bookings. We are still retaining some flexibility in our cancellation terms whereby we can transfer any funds over to another tour (or set of dates) or sort out something else that is fair and reasonable to both parties should you be unable to travel because of a Covid-related lockdown or border closure. Unfortunately this won’t cover inability to travel because of illness (even Covid-related), refusal of admittance for testing positive for Covid at an airport or border or simply changing your mind.

For this reason we strongly encourage you to take out Travel & Medical Insurance for all your travel and tours. Please note that our usual terms and conditions apply for any non-covid related cancellations.

COVID-19 RESPONSE WHILE ON TOUR ( for tours 3 days or more)
Prior to the tour commencing, we may ask guests to purchase their own Rapid Antigen Test kit and bring that with them on the tour depending on Public Health and State requirements at any given time. Guides will also have a few extra test kits on hand.

In the very unlikely event that someone in the tour party shows Covid symptoms while on atour, your guide will implement the following protocols:

●Ask the symptomatic guest(s) to take a Rapid Antigen Test.

If the result is positive, the guide, in consultation with the group, will assess the risk based onsuch factors as:

●Distance from civilisation
●Severity of symptoms
●Medical status e.g. compromised immune system
●Age of the unwell person

If symptoms are mild, the group can collectively choose to continue the tour and assess the situation day by day.  At the completion of the tour participants and the guide may need to undergo a period of isolation as determined by Public Health requirements at any given time. The Guide will make contact with the Inala Covid-19 Contact Person and Public Health for guidance as needed. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover any such event.

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