Black Currawong - Ramit Singal - Inala Nature Tours
Black Currawong - Ramit Singal - Inala Nature Tours
1 day
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Day/ Multi-day trips to: Cradle Mountain, Central Highlands, North-West Tasmania, Launceston/Devonport/Burnie and surrounds............

We have an excellent specialist guide based in the North of the state, making you perfectly placed to explore the diverse habitats and excellent birding areas in the North.

We have put together some suggested tour ideas and you can combine several into a longer tour or we can craft you a personalised tour to seek out specific birds, plants or animals.

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Start Location: 
Devonport TAS
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Devonport TAS

Inala Nature Tours Northern Tasmania - Birding & Nature Tour Options

To follow are a selection of day tours options for the north of Tasmania.

One of our local specialist birding and nature guides lives in this region and we can offer either single day tours or multi-day tours by combining several day tour options or choosing one of the suggested longer itineraries below.

If you would like us to create a longer itinerary for adventuring around Tasmania for several days or weeks, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have over 25 years of experience as a travel consultant and tour operator and specialize in designing personalised itineraries for nature-based tours throughout Australia. We work directly with clients themselves, as well as with travel companies from all over the world. Inala offers a range of options, from accommodation-only stays to all-inclusive tours, and just about everything in between.  We know Tasmania inside and out and have many expert guides based in the Hobart region and on Bruny Island in the South where the Inala Conservation Reserve is based. 

Your guide can collect and return you to your Devonport & Launceston area accommodation (We are always very happy to assist with your accommodation arrangements)

Day Tour : Launceston: Wetlands, Woodlands & Forests.

Based along the Tamar river, Launceston is home to some of Tasmania’s most productive wetland habitats. The reedbeds, mudflats, and lagoons of the Tamar Island Wetlands as well as the dams and lakes around Launceston regularly play host to almost all the resident wetland species in Tasmania, including Freckled ducks, Royal Spoonbills, and a selection of crakes and rails.

The bushland surrounding Launceston comprises of dry, eucalyptus forests interspersed with grasslands and is a great place to observe bushland birds of Tasmania, including endemics such as the Yellow Wattlebird, Yellow-throated Honeyeater, Tasmanian Nativehen, Green Rosellas, Tasmanian Scrubwren, etc, as well as a range of other species. 

In the afternoon, we’ll visit a remnant patch of rainforest and appreciate a variety of endemic flora as well as search for Tasmanian Thornbill, Pink Robin and Olive Whistler, and with a chance of seeing a Scrubtit as well. 

Day Tour: Devonport/Burnie: Tasmanian Endemic birds of the North West region

11 out of the 12 Tasmanian endemic species can be found in the north-west region of Tasmania. Whether you’re in Burnie or Devonport, your Inala guide knows the best places to find all of them in a day. The search for the 11 endemics takes one through open habitats and wetlands to look for Tasmanian Nativehens; dry forests in search of Dusky Robins, endemic honeyeaters, and Green Rosellas; and wet forests to find Tasmanian Scrubwrens, Scrubtits, Tasmanian Thornbills, and Black Currawongs. The range of habitats covered proves ideal for seeing other bird species along the way and gives one a snapshot of the various habitats of the region.

Day Tour Launceston/ Devonport: Wet Forests & Alpine Vegetation in the Central Highlands

Starting from either Launceston or Devonport, we will make our way to the wet forests an hour away in Liffey, stopping en route at some wetlands to look for waterfowl and endemic species of birds.

Once in the wet forests, we’ll search amongst man ferns and tall eucalypts for birds such as Tasmanian Scrubwren, Tasmanian Thornbills, Pink Robins, Green Rosellas, etc while enjoying the gorgeous sights of waterfalls and fast-flowing streams.

We’ll wind our way up the mountain to high altitude alpine vegetation where we’ll keep a look out for birds such as Black Currawongs, Scrubtits, Flame Robins, Crescent Honeyeaters, etc. Depending on your level of fitness and inclination, we can take a short or a long hike to look at cushion plants, pencil pines, and some rare alpine flora that is a reminder of Tasmania’s ancient links to Gondwana.  

We’ll do some more birding on the way back if time permits, before your guide drops you off at either Launceston or Devonport.

Day Tour Devonport/Burnie: Wetland & Woodland birds of the North West  region

Being in either Devonport or Burnie puts you in close proximity to a wide array of habitats - including open grasslands, dams and wetlands, dry bushland, and wet forests. Your guide will take you through these habitats at a relaxed pace and give an overview of a wide number of species in the region. These include some of the endemic species of Tasmania, various species of waterbirds, and other interesting species such as Striated Fieldwren, Olive Whistlers, Firetails, Scarlet Robins, etc. This tour will give you a deeper understanding of the differences between the various birds and habitats found in the region. 

The amount of walking and activity can be tailored to suit your level of fitness and inclination on the day. Through the course of the tour, you are also very likely to encounter Platypus, Bennett’s Wallabies, Tasmanian Pademelons, Forester Kangaroos, and other wildlife.

Day Tour Devonport/Burnie: Cradle Mountain & nearby forests

This tour takes you on a 1.5 hours’ drive from either Burnie or Devonport to the stunning wet forests and alpine landscapes of the Cradle Mountain National Park. You will visit the wet forests with its waterfalls, man ferns, and moss-covered forests, to look for birds such as the Tasmanian Scrubwren, Tasmanian Thornbill, Green Rosellas, Scrubtits, and Pink Robins. 

Higher up in the park, you will visit the high-altitude regions with its scenic lakes, vast buttongrass plains, and stunted alpine vegetation that includes the unique Tasmanian beech. Here, too, we will expect to find several interesting birds such as Crescent Honeyeater, Black Currawong, Tasmanian Thornbills, Tasmanian Scrubwren, Yellow-throated Honeyeater, etc. All through the day, we have a good chance of encountering enigmatic Tasmanian wildlife including Wombat, Echidna, Bennett’s Wallabies, Tasmanian Pademelons, etc. How much is done in the park and where you visit can be tailored to suit your levels of fitness and inclination on the day.

If time allows, on the way back from the park, your guide may make a few stops to try and search for any birds along the way that may not have been seen at the National Park.

Optional Night Tour Addition

Option to add a night tour for penguins, shearwaters, owls, frogmouths, owlet-nightjars, and mammals such as possums, wallabies, pademelons, bandicoots, bettongs and quoll.
You will have dinner with your guide after your day tour and then head straight out on a night tour, being returned to your accommodation after the tour.
( Dependant on guide availability and not possible as a stand alone tour.  We offer northern night tours only as an addition to day tours in the Devonport/Burnie region.  It  may not be logistically possible depending on your accommodation, we can help book your accommodation in a suitable location, please just let us know your requirements )

Please send us an email for our full price list of our various lengths of tour and numbers of people.

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