After The Rain - New Outback Queensland/Gulf Country Tour - July 2020

We are offering a brand new tour to take advantage of the recent rain in Outback Queensland!

You may have heard of the widespread rain that has fallen in Western Queensland in recent weeks after years of drought. Where there was dust there are now lakes, and there is already evidence of life exploding. Check out this article which will give you a sense of some of the changes that are already occurring, such as Shield Shrimps incredibly appearing from the mud. The current initial increase of insects will then lead to a boom for birds and mammal populations in a few months’ time as the whole wonderful web regenerates.

We already fortuitously have a group tour scheduled in this area which is already fully booked. But we have now managed to secure accommodation in iconic areas which has enabled us to offer another 4WD tour in the Gulf Country of Outback Queensland in July-August this year to take full advantage of the predicted boom in wildlife numbers. Here is a link to the full itinerary with all details and costs. We have also added a Cape York extension in case you are interested in continuing on while you are up that way.

 Please let us know soon if you would be interested in taking advantage of this seldom-offered opportunity to see the very best of Outback Queensland’s birds and wildlife. We can take up to 4 people in one vehicle or up to 8 people in 2 vehicles. Places are limited and we expect this tour to be filled quickly.

This itinerary has been designed to adjoin our Cape York Tour 3rd Aug - 12 Aug 2020

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