Protecting and improving habitat at Inala

A number of conservation projects such as tree planting and fencing sensitive remnant vegetation and waterholes provide important wildlife habitat. Of primary importance at Inala though, is preserving and increasing habitat for the Forty-spotted Pardalote and Swift Parrots, for which Inala is an important refuge.

Some of the steps Inala has taken to protect and improve conditions for native species include:

  • Habitat improvement programs such as feral animal control, nest box provision and planting.
  • Construction of walking paths and hides to control people's impact as they move around Inala.
  • Protection of native fauna by removing roadkill from roadsides (to protect species that feed on this, such as quolls and raptors).
  • Caring for orphaned and injured wildlife and/or organising suitable care. Staff have received training (and obtain permits as required) to raise these animals and all are released onto the property. If appropriate (i.e. if it will not stress the animal), guests are able to see and learn about these animals first hand.
  • Facilitating sensitive guest interactions through our formal property tours and voluntary activities.
  • Continually update and increase signage on property, providing in-depth visitor information. 
  • Waste reduction and management strategies in place, rain water conservation and use, and resource efficiency planning for new infrastructure and retrofitting, including the use of double-glazing and complete insulation.
  • Including and remaining sensitive to cultural heritage on tours, employing local indigenous guides and Elders where appropriate.


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